Instagram lets you Archive and Highlight your favorite expired Stories

These translations are partial and for the user interface only. Help and documentations are in English. It is developed by Igor Pavlov and was first released in The program can be used from a command-line interface as the command p7zip , [11] or through a graphical user interface that also features shell integration. By default, 7-Zip creates 7z-format archives with a. Each archive can contain multiple directories and files. As a container format, security or size reduction are achieved using a stacked combination of filters. These can consist of pre-processors, compression algorithms , and encryption filters. The native 7z file format is open and modular. File names are stored as Unicode.

On the Concept of History

Facebook’s dating service launched on Sept. Like other dating apps, Facebook Dating allows you to message people you’re interested in and ultimately decide whether you want to meet up in person. If you’re thinking about trying out the platform, it might be helpful to know whether conversations on Facebook Dating expire. As it turns out, conversations with potential dating interests won’t ever get deleted, but some other Facebook Dating features do expire.

As Facebook explained in a Newsroom post provided to Bustle, Facebook Dating is connected to your Facebook profile , but it’s a separate service that you can choose to opt into or not.

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On its surface, the problem is simple: A once-working URL is now a goner. The root cause can be any of a half-dozen things, however, and sometimes more: Content could have been renamed, moved or deleted, or an entire site could have evaporated. In its own way, the Web is also a very literal-minded creature, and all it takes is a single-character change in a URL to break a link.

Even if a core URL remains the same, many sites frequently append login information or search terms to URLs, and those are ephemeral. And as the Web has grown, the problem has been complicated by Google and other search engines that crawl the Web and archive — briefly — URLs and pages. Many work, but their long-term stability is open to question. A study in BMC Bioinformatics looked at the lifespan of links in the scientific literature — a place where link persistence is crucial to public knowledge.

They found that the median lifespan of Web pages was 9. Even the websites of major corporations that should know better — including Adobe, IBM, and Intel — can be littered with broken links. A Harvard Law School study looks at the legal implications of Internet link decay, and finds reasons for alarm. Supreme Court opinions no longer link to the original information. The scholars write:. The author of the cited source may decide the argument in the source was mistaken and take it down.

The Emancipation of the Russian Serfs, 1861

Make a Seed Planting Schedule. Base your seed planting date on the earliest date when the baby plantcan be transplanted outside, along with the estimated harvest date. Look on the seed pack or in the seed catalogue to determine the number of days to maturity and count backwards to establish the ideal date to get your seedlings started. In WNC, some cool weather crops can be set out in late February with protection.

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Some old command lines that depend on command line inconsistencies may no longer work. A companion program unzip 1 unpacks zip archives. Large Archives and Zip Zip64 is also used for archives streamed from standard input as the size of such archives are not known in advance, but the option -fz- can be used to force zip to create PKZIP 2 compatible archives as long as Zip64 extensions are not needed. In addition, streamed archives, entries encrypted with standard encryption, or split archives created with the pause option may not be compatible with PKZIP as data descriptors are used and PKZIP at the time of this writing does not support data descriptors but recent changes in the PKWare published zip standard now include some support for the data descriptor format zip uses.

Mac OS X. For a brief help on zip and unzip , run each without specifying any parameters on the command line. USE The program is useful for packaging a set of files for distribution; for archiving files; and for saving disk space by temporarily compressing unused files or directories.

Here’s How Facebook Dating Conversations Will Differ From A Lot Of Mainstream Dating Apps

This document covers the customization of WeeWX. It assumes that you have read, and are reasonably familiar with, the Users Guide. The introduction contains an overview of the architecture. If you are only interested in customizing the generated reports you can probably skip the introduction and proceed directly to the section Customizing reports.

With this approach you can easily add new plot images, change the titles of images, change the units used in the reports, and so on.

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Rolling out globally today on iOS and Android, Instagram Stories will now automatically Archive your Stories to a private part of your profile when they disappear 24 hours after being posted. But up until now there was no way to keep your favorite stories or add them to your profile — we wanted to fix that. Save Your Work — Archive and Highlights could make investing time in creating Stories feel less wasteful.

This could make Stories appeal to older demographics whose friends might not be so addicted to Instagram that they open to watch Stories every single day. Highlights will surely be well utilized by brands who pour resources into shooting Stories, and now can create product or campaign specific collections. Instead, Instagram will save them in the cloud, where you can privately view, publicly share, or re-download them later. For younger users on older phones with limited space, that could be a life saver.

That meant it could feel like you were spamming friends if you wanted to share niche content, deterring content creation. Stories Highlights will let you exhibit the different angles of yourself. You could create a Highlight of just your cat, your food, your favorite art, or your professional life.

8. Controlling the Archive Format

In short, we don’t, and don’t plan to. We don’t have the resources to do it, and want to keep our focus on our core product. Instead, we chose to document our file format, so that developers can build their own tool to integrate with our products, if they wish. Maybe you’re curious about how your projects are stored.

All content is created and owned by Picasa/Google Photos Top Contributors. date/time will also change the order in the library or archive in Google Photos.

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Note: The following text is a transcription of the Stone Engraving of the parchment Declaration of Independence the document on display in the Rotunda at the National Archives Museum. The spelling and punctuation reflects the original. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

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Once you’ve set up a Facebook Dating profile of your own, you can It also works the same way in reverse — if someone sends you an initial.

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This article describes previous updates to Power BI Desktop. For the most current month’s release, check out Power BI Desktop latest updates. Regardless of how you install Power BI Desktop, the monthly versions are the same, although the version numbering may differ. Power BI Desktop is updated and released on a monthly basis, incorporating customer feedback and new features.

Only the most recent version of Power BI Desktop is supported; customers who contact support for Power BI Desktop will be asked to upgrade to the most recent version.

Some hardware is capable of generating their own archive records (the Davis Vantage and week, month and year “to-date” summaries, as well as the plot images to go along with them. dateTime is provided for backwards compatibility.

It is a common desire for users of XMPP to want to store their messages in a central archive on their server. This feature allows them to record conversations that take place on clients that do not support local history storage, to synchronise conversation history seamlessly between multiple clients, to read the history of a MUC room, or to view old items in a pubsub node.

As this extension aims to make things easy for client developers, some research was made into the way clients handle history today. The resulting protocol was designed to allow for the following primary usage scenarios:. However implementation experience has shown that the protocol defined therein supports rather more functionality than is typically needed for the above uses, and is significantly more effort to implement.

This specification aims to define a much simpler and modular protocol for working with a server-side message store. Through this it is hoped to boost implementation and deployment of archiving in XMPP. It should be noted that although not required a server is free to implement XEP alongside this protocol if it so chooses, though a mapping between both protocols is beyond the scope of this specification.

Notable functionality in XEP that is intentionally not defined by this specification for simplicity:. An archive contains a collection of messages relevant to a particular XMPP address, e. Note: while a service might have many “archives” as defined here one per JID capable of being queried this is a conceptual distinction, and a server is not bound to any particular implementation or arrangement of data stores.

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