How to Inspect an Antique Picture Frame

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As a freelance wood sculptor, Bernhard Lankers works in all areas of historical reconstruction and conservation, with a focus on interior decorative schemes and carved wooden frames. He has worked in various palaces and museums throughout Germany, including the picture gallery in Sanssouci Palace, Charlottenburg Palace, Castle Rheinsberg, The Bode Museum, and has recently been involved with the rebuilding of the Berlin Palace on Museuminsel.

It is expressed with great virtuosity, but is also notable for its powerful, subtle and sensitive form. I had an interest in creative design and a love of the fantastic, and I was particularly drawn towards carving. It was amazing to me that there were these wonderful objects which seemed to have the power of nature, but were made by the hand of man. From this followed, among other things, a training in woodcarving in several workshops, focusing on different aspects of the profession.

Unlike other frames, this one has a very nice sized picture space and the wording is whimsical. The wood is not cheap ‘make believe’ fake wood and looks better.

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What’s Your Picture Frame Style? A Look at the History of Framing

Aug 25, Framing. For most of history, frames were practically an afterthought to everyone but artists—a backdrop to greater paintings and drawings. Artwork was typically given a new frame whenever it changed hands or if the owners did some redecorating and wanted a new frame to match. In fact, that debate continues today among those who work in the arts. For some, choosing a frame is a way to personalize art or customize it for a space.

Antique picture frames (which are frames that are years old or more) have their own unique appeal. These give one a sense of history. In turn, this sense of​.

As an art dealer I would never show a client a painting unframed, not least because I believe the artist would not have wanted me to. In , when J. Turner painted a view of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice he included the figure of Canaletto working at his easel, seen bottom left, painting the same vista. No artist ever framed a canvas before starting the painting itself so why did Turner include such a unlikely sight? The importance of the frame in the correct presentation of 18th or 19th century oil paintings should never be underestimated.

In fact in my opinion antique and vintage picture frames are works of art in their own right. I often buy pictures not for the painting but for the frame in which it hangs. Once restored, I will wait to marry it to a suitable unframed painting, or simply enjoy looking at it from time to time. Gradually simpler frames began to be used to support secular portraits and none-religious epic history paintings and still lives.

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Again the factories began to churn out pieces made in the style and no longer needed to be wealthy to sell artistic furnishings. Glass in this wood were made into the s but the bulk of the items were made from to The Aesthetic movement used products from nature, but added gilding or other embellishments to make them why aesthetically second. It originated in France and was exemplified in the World Exposition for Paris. It quickly spread frame wide around the turn of the century.

Art Nouveau stylists wanted to return to nature. The Art Nouveau style introduced flowing lines from nature such as water lilies, vines and swirling roots and tendrils.

A Guide to Picture Frames at Knole, Kent. However, there are times when a high quality reproduction picture frame costs more than an 18th antique. First you.

The Gallery holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world. Search over , works, , of which are illustrated from the 16th Century to the present day. Advanced Collection search. This guide was first produced on the occasion of a lecture by Jacob Simon at Knole on 12 November Knole is one of the great houses of England. It has remained largely unaltered ever since – a rare survival. For opening times see the National Trust website, or telephone This guide was produced on the occasion of a lecture by Jacob Simon at Knole in November and has been revised December Over the next few years major work will take place at Knole meaning that not all the pictures will necessarily be accessible as described in this guide.

Knole is incomparably rich in the finest early seventeenth-century English furniture.

A Quick History of European Picture Frames

The quality of antique frames can vary considerably with variations in materials and craftsmanship. Fine antique frames can be from any period in history. They would have a well balanced design that was skillfully executed. All elements of the frame from the overall scale, the shape of the moulding, the ornament if any and the surfaces, whether gold leaf or painted, would be done artistically or in a sensitive manner.

Dating Painting Frames A Guide to Picture Frames at Knole, Kent. However, there are times when a high quality reproduction picture frame.

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But there may be a few things to consider before wrapping up a snap of you for them to show off. According to life coach Nina Rubin , the most important thing to consider before giving your partner a framed picture of you is placement. If your partner called in sick to their office when you really went to the carnival, a pic of you both kissing and eating cotton candy on a rollercoaster impressive multitasking btw may not be ideal for their desk.

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If You’re Considering Giving Your Partner A Framed Picture Of You, Read This First

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Skip to main content Love Picture Frames. In Stock. Item as decribed. Huge hit at our family Christmas. Add to cart. Unlike other frames, this one has a very nice sized picture space and the wording is whimsical. The wood is not cheap ‘make believe’ fake wood and looks better than the pictures. I LOVE this product. Love it! Even better than what it looks like in pictures. A great picture frame – it’s siting beside me as I type that and has a picture of my fiance and I in it.

I also added a few fun little “love” embellishments to it and it really makes the picture. Came in early which is great, but the package or the frame glass is broken. See All Buying Options.

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