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Globe , sphere or ball that bears a map of the Earth on its surface and is mounted on an axle that permits rotation. The ancient Greeks, who knew the Earth to be a sphere, were the first to use globes to represent the surface of the Earth. Crates of Mallus is said to have made one in about bce. In ancient times, globes also were used to represent the constellations; the earliest surviving globe is the marble Farnese globe , a celestial globe dating from about 25 ce. Some are translucent. They may also be inflatable. Terrestrial globes are usually mounted with the axis tilted Terrestrial globes may be physical, showing natural features such as deserts and mountain ranges sometimes molded in relief , or political, showing countries, cities, etc. While most globes emphasize the surface of the land, a globe may also show the bottom of the sea.

Early world maps

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A globe is a spherical model of Earth , of some other celestial body , or of the celestial sphere. Globes serve purposes similar to some maps , but unlike maps, do not distort the surface that they portray except to scale it down. A model globe of Earth is called a terrestrial globe. A model globe of the celestial sphere is called a celestial globe. A globe shows details of its subject.

A terrestrial globe shows landmasses and water bodies. It might show nations and major cities and the network of latitude and longitude lines. Some have raised relief to show mountains and other large landforms. A celestial globe shows notable stars, and may also show positions of other prominent astronomical objects. Typically, it will also divide the celestial sphere into constellations. The word globe comes from the Latin word globus , meaning ” sphere “.

Globes have a long history. The oldest surviving terrestrial globe is the Erdapfel , wrought by Martin Behaim in

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Cartographers and geographers trace horizontal and vertical lines called latitudes and longitudes across Earth’s surface to locate points on the globe. The Earth is, almost, but not quite, a sphere that rotates around its axis. Scientists call this shape a spheroid or ellipsoid. If we draw a line passing through the center of the Earth along its rotational axis, the line would pass through the North and the South Pole. The Equator is an imaginary line perpendicular to this axis.

Most locations on the Equator experience consistently high temperatures throughout the year.

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We have a collection of terrestrial and celestial globes dating back to and gores dating to Globes are used in a wide range of research fields, including geography, science, astronomy, mathematics and art. They also offer the researcher the opportunity to examine the history of the map and antiques trade, as well as the history of instrument-making and craftsmanship. Globes provide the clearest link between maps and scientific instruments.

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Use Advanced Search to search by activities, standards, and more. When describing location, it is common to mention the city, state, or country as a location descriptor. It is also common to talk about landmarks that may be nearby. Another way to describe location is to use reference lines to describe coordinates, or absolute position, on the globe. Two types of imaginary reference lines are used to locate positions or points and to make accurate globes and maps. These lines are called parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude.

Two of these imaginary reference lines, the equator and the prime meridian, are called primary reference lines because they are where we start the numbering system. The earth rotates daily about its axis. The north and south poles are the two imaginary points where the axis would enter and exit from the earth if the axis were a pole or a line see Fig. The equator is the imaginary primary reference line drawn around the earth halfway between the north and south poles.

The half of the earth to the north of the equator is the northern hemisphere ; the half to the south is the southern hemisphere Fig. The prefix hemi- means “half”; thus, hemisphere means “half-sphere. Movement toward the North Pole is northerly in direction. Movement toward the South Pole is southerly in direction.

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Updated: August 26, pm. This is a French vase that looks like a globe. It was made in the s at Longwy, a French company. The ancient Greeks figured out that Earth was round in about B.

Golden Globes Nabs Date Oscars Abandoned

Date Codes for Maps. From the Western Association of Map Libraries website. Dating a Map. Including Geographia Limited and Bartholomew maps. How Old is Your Globe?

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Globes are measured by diameter, meaning the distance straight through the middle of the globe. A lit illuminated globe makes a beautiful night light in any room or provides mood lighting for a romantic night in. Illuminated globe balls are made of vinyl, so that the light can show through the translucent sphere, this is usually a much better material than glass as its lower refractive index and purer transparency provides a better passage for light to pass through it. They are made from extra thick glass to decrease fragility.

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What Are Longitudes and Latitudes?

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So, dating most vintage globes is easy. A Rago auction in New Jersey sold a ​inch Longwy vase shaped and decorated like a globe last year. It.

The earliest known world maps date to classical antiquity , the oldest examples of the 6th to 5th centuries BCE still based on the flat Earth paradigm. World maps assuming a spherical Earth first appear in the Hellenistic period. The developments of Greek geography during this time, notably by Eratosthenes and Posidonius culminated in the Roman era, with Ptolemy’s world map 2nd century CE , which would remain authoritative throughout the Middle Ages.

Since Ptolemy, knowledge of the approximate size of the Earth allowed cartographers to estimate the extent of their geographical knowledge, and to indicate parts of the planet known to exist but not yet explored as terra incognita. With the Age of Discovery , during the 15th to 18th centuries, world maps became increasingly accurate; exploration of Antarctica , Australia , and the interior of Africa by western mapmakers was left to the 19th and early 20th century. The accompanying text mentions a distance of seven beru between the outlying regions.

The descriptions of five of them have survived: [3]. A final paragraph summarises, “In all eight “regions” nagu of the four shores kibrati of the ea[rth Anaximander died c.

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